When you don't have all day to workout but want to look like you do!

Whether its your busiest days or your best days, DadBod Athletics is here to help you look and feel your best.


As a husband, father, or maybe even as a future father; your family should get to enjoy the best version of you. That means a healthy, energetic and passionate leader. With the help of Dadbod Athletics, you will be taking the steps you need to be who you are called to be each and every day while those you love the most are watching. On top of that you have the power to break the cycle of physical complacency in your family tree.


We make it easier than ever for you to start getting into the best shape of your life. Sure, you work all those hours per week and spend the weekends being rolled around by your kids, but with our workout program, you can always find time to prioritize your fitness without your family suffering. Our busy day workouts are designed to be done in 20 minutes or less with minimal equipment. Along with workouts for ‘Busy Days’ we plan for those ‘Best Days’ too. ‘Best Days’ are when you get an hour or more of time to hit the gym. Either way, everyday we have a workout you can fit into your life and family.


You may feel okay today but fast forward 10 years. Are ready to carry that extra few pounds, added stress, or unhealthy habits for the next decade? On top of that you want to look and feel better today. Its about sweat equity. Make it a habit and you’ll see the change. Make a change that will help you build your legacy.

Dad Bod Athletics: For the father who wants to look fantastic on a fathers’ schedule.

Dad Bod Athletics


Dad Bod Workouts

The perfect warm-ups

We have a host of awesome warm-ups for you to try out, making sure you can get into the perfect mentality for an enjoyable workout to come. Great for making sure you can stay safe and avoid injuries.

The 5-day workout plan

We know that not every week will work out perfectly. You are a busy guy and when you get your time to workout you don’t want to have to think about what workout you should do. So we plan each week with FIVE full days of programming. That means you’ll get a 20 minute or less “Busy Day” option along with a full one hour “Best day” workout. All the thinking is done for you.

Avoid excess equipment

You likely don’t have the space for a lot of workout equipment, and you might not have the time to go to the gym. You’re a dad after all. With our workouts, though, all of those typical equipment needs are marginalized. Perfect for dads on-the-go, busy professionals, and entrepreneurs.




Ben Alderman is the founder of Dadbod Athletics. He is a trained Fitness Coach who owns and operates two gyms in the Sacramento Area. He and his wife Stefanie have two adopted twin girls; who are their youngest of four kids. In 2018, Ben earned the title of Ninth Fittest Man in the World over 35 years old. Additionally, Alderman has spent over half a decade as one of the top 10 fittest men in the state of California and participated in the CrossFit Games California Regional from 2012 to 2018.

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These are little workouts that you’ll see one to two times per week that take less than 5 minutes at a time and can be sprinkled in with little to no warm up at any point during your day. Dad Bod bonus workouts are great to do with the kids!